How to Travel with a Baby

Taking a break with a baby may sound like an oxymoron because we all know how stressful looking after one can be in our own homes, let alone outside of it. So the thought of trying to travel with your little one can be fear inducing and one of the last things you’d consider.

However, there are ways to make the travelling process a lot less stress inducing. From dressing your baby right to creating play spaces for him or her, read on for the best tips to ensure your trip inspired by progresses in relative peace.

Dress baby correctly

ou are going to see and hear a lot less agitation and crying from your baby if you dress them the right way for the journey. Dress him or her in comfortable clothes that you can take off and put back on easily. A sleep-suit and vest is better than trousers or tights which can bunch up when your baby is sitting still for long periods.

Food & drinks

Keep your baby happy by making sure you take enough food and drinks in case you are delayed on your trip. Even if you are travelling via car, you could be delayed and face long waits. If you are travelling by plane, remember that hand luggage restrictions for liquids do not apply to bay food and drink.

Changing station

Once you have arrived at your destination, a good tip is to set out an area for changing your baby’s nappy immediately so that any sticky situations can be dealt with calmly. And there will be a big poop at some point. Lay out a changing pad and stack a bunch of diapers and wipes in one area.

Make a play space…

Your baby is likely to feel overawed by the unfamiliarity of new environments so the best way to deal with this is to create a play space for them that makes them feel more at home. Keep all of their favourite playthings together in one area and keep books and toys close at hand.

Keep baby’s routine

If your baby has a bedtime routine that you use back home, stick to the same thing when on your travels. If you usually bath your baby, then sing him or her lullabies before giving them a bottle before a nap, do the same on vacation to make up for the difference in location.


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