I am the proud mother of two beautiful children. I have always loved writing and recently decided to make my dreams a reality. About a year ago, after I retired from being an elementary school teacher for 12 years, I decided to start a blog to review products for children 8 years and under.

So far, it has been a very rewarding experience. I receive comments from parents who say my reviews have helped them make many important decisions about what products to purchase and which ones to avoid. It is a rewarding feeling that my unique voice is finally helping to improve the lives of other people.

Currently, I review about 2-3 new products a week. Feel free to contact me with any products you have questions about or would like me to review. I am open to suggestions as well as any business that is looking to promote a product. Although I cannot promise a favorable review, I can promise to give my honest opinion of all products reviewed.

To make my blog as up-to-date as possible, I check the news every morning for stories about the latest, greatest new products for children 8 years and under. This keeps me informed and helps me find new products to add to my blog. I will often ask my own children their experience and opinions of certain products like games and toys that I would not necessarily use myself, but am able to write about. This gives my reviews even more validity and relevancy for the population of children they target.

While I prefer writing about new safety products and items for girls, I try to balance my reviews and write about many different products. I also include pictures, advice on where to get the best prices for items and more. Sometimes I will even include comments from other parents and children about products to give my reviews more strength and validity. After all, I am only one voice, one opinion.

With time, I plan to take many of my posts and combine them into a book. It is part of my dream to become a strong voice in helping parents make wiser buying choices for their children. Because parents are very busy they do not have the time I have to research the best products, prices and quality for their hard earned money and family.

I also plan to start a web channel to read my reviews online. It is true, many people prefer watching instructional videos versus reading and I plan to accommodate their preference – after all, what else am I going to be doing – I am retired, remember? I have plenty of time on my hands to finally pursue my writing dreams and more. So, stay on the lookout for all my wonderful reviews and future plans. My fans and readers are already starting to request more posts and reviews of their products, so things are taking off very nicely!